Each patient is offered a type of surgery that provides a solution of the highest quality to their health problems and ensures the shortest recovery time after surgery possible. The extensive experience of our doctors allows us to select the least invasive laparoscopic operations as often as possible, leaving laparotomy only to the most severe cases.



Patient care is provided by a team of nurses and nursing assistants. Each patient of the clinic is prepared for surgery according to the highest principles of care. A successful post-operative recovery is facilitated by the presence of a considerate and professionally reliable care staff.


Our team has a great deal of experience in the treatment of endometriosis, including deep infiltrating endometriosis, which can involve not only gynecological but also abdominal organs, such as bowels, peritoneum, ureter, etc. Regular participation in world-level conferences is one of the guarantors of our doctor’s ability to deal with such problems.

Outpatient Services

Gynecological Consultation

Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Controls should be carried out at least once a year. Regular monitoring of a women’s gynecological health helps to maintain good health as well as prevent many unpleasant diseases. Gynecological care is important regardless of a woman’s age, marital status, sexual orientation, and sexual activity. Women should listen to their body in order to recognize changes in it and be able to describe them to a doctor, who can help understand health issues. Every woman needs to choose a doctor she is able to trust.

Gynecological Ultrasonography

A harmless examination, which is usually an integral part of a visit to the gynecologist. A modern method of investigation, used to obtain additional information, clarify the diagnosis, and thus providing a more precise choice of treatment. For patients who require surgical intervention as a treatment method, gynecological ultrasonography allows the physician to clarify the diagnosis, the extent of the operation, as well as allowing the patient to visualize the disease. It is a painless method of investigation with immediate results. For pregnant women, an ultrasound examination provides information on the development stages and health status of the baby.

Prenatal Care

The monitoring of a woman’s physical health during pregnancy. Prenatal care usually begins with a doctor’s consultation and continues with regular checkups to determine the various aspects of the women’s health that affect the development and health of the mother and the expectant baby. During the visits, the mother’s blood pressure is monitored, various blood tests are prescribed, and ultrasonographic examinations are carried out. Through conversation, the doctor evaluates the individual health status of each woman, gives answers to questions of interest, and offers useful tips that allow you to gain knowledge and peace of mind while expecting the baby.

Office Hysteroscopy

A minimally invasive procedure without general anesthesia nor special preoperative preparation, it is possible to perform an examination of the vagina and the uterine cavity and to detect various pathologies using only a diagnostic hysteroscope. During an office hysteroscopy, it is also possible to eliminate minor polyps, adhesions and other minor pathological formations. Hospitalization after such manipulations is not necessary.

Surgical Procedures

Laparoscopic Surgery

A minimally invasive method of surgical treatment performed through small incisions in the abdominal wall using modern surgical tools and a laparoscopic camera, that help solve the problem exactly at its location. The main benefits of such a surgical approach are less postoperative pain and loss of blood during surgery, which means a shorter recovery time after surgery. During surgery, the doctor observes the surgical field on the screen, thus providing a precise surgical solution to the problem. In this way, different types of ovarian cysts, abnormal uterine structures, i.e. myomas, adhesions, different types of pelvic organ prolapses and urinary incontinence can be treated. If necessary, even a large uterus can be removed by laparoscopy. Currently our focus is on the laparoscopic treatment of severe endometriosis, including the surgical treatment of deep endometriosis, such as bowel endometriosis.

Vaginal Surgery

A surgical approach for treating malformations of external genitalia and vagina. Also used for the removal of the uterus in the event of a pelvic organ prolapse.

Hysteroscopic Surgery

A surgical treatment method, performed under general anesthesia, in which a hysteroscope is introduced into the uterine cavity through the cervix. This type of surgery is performed during a certain period of the menstrual cycle, when it is easier to remove various polyps and myomas. In such operations, various gynecological malformations and congenital pathological lesions can be treated. During surgery, the doctor observes the surgical field on the screen, thus providing a precise surgical solution to the problem. This procedure is performed in case an office hysteroscopy procedure is unbearable for the woman, or the pathology found is too big for diagnostic hysteroscopy.

Laparatomical Surgery

Because of our experience in laparoscopic surgery, we try to avoid laparotomies, as they lack many of the advantages of a laparoscopy. Still there are cases when it can’t be avoided. Usually a laparotomy is necessary in cases of overly large ovarian cysts and uterine myomas that extend beyond the umbilicus.