Juris Vītols clinic

At Juris Vitols Clinic of Operative Gynecology and Surgery, a number of experienced specialists have combined their professional knowledge and skills under the guidance of Dr. Juris Vītols.

Our specialists use their abundant knowledge and years of practical experience in their work. Assessing the treatment options offered by the modern world, each patient obtains an individually appropriate health problem solution of the highest quality. 

The clinic specializes in complex and unique, internationally recognized, surgical treatments of various gynecological problems. Each patient is offered the type of surgery that provides a solution of the best quality for health problems and provides the shortest recovery time after surgery as possible. On a daily basis, patients can evaluate and monitor their health in our outpatient clinic.

 Every year about 700 hospital and 2000 outpatient patients visit the clinic, and they express their appreciation by returning to us again.

JV klīnika
Quality Policy

The JV clinic has long ensured the high standards our patients need and deserve by implementing a quality management system.

Its use ensures successful operation of the company and the ability to provide our customers with high-quality services that are in line with European Standards.

Promote responsibility of all clinic staff for compliance with the quality requirements of the service provided.

Continuously upgrade the efficiency of the quality management system by ensuring the improvement of our performance and customer satisfaction.

Attempt efficient and prudent use of natural resources, aiming to reduce environmental pollution.

We are proud that the core values of JV Clinic are professionalism, reliability, and experience.

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